about us


As a kid, I remember the excitement of finding a penny and thinking it would bring me good luck.  Today, I love the idea of a handful of change with a new, shiny copper penny staring back…standing out in the crowd.

It’s true – we all need a little luck, but good marketing is finding the shiny penny in the sea of silver sameness.  Copper Penny Marketing is the place where good marketing ideas create solid brand plans and positive ROI -fueled by experience, hard work and relationships.

At Copper Penny Marketing, we get that “a penny saved is a penny earned” so we find creative and affordable solutions for every marketing need.    From brand development and management to new package design, product launches and promotional campaigns, we identify what you need and make it work in your budget.  For What It’s Worth…see what we do and what services you might need.

Melinda Goodman; President & Owner

It’s no secret that Melinda has always loved “the shiny new penny” and the creative process that fosters new ideas.  Growing up on a farm in North Dakota helped develop a spirit of resourcefulness and thousands of acres of land to explore left the mind plenty of room to grow.

Today, with over 15 years of experience, Melinda is an industry leader in the area of marketing, promotions and public relations.  She has worked with non-profits, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies like Disney Consumer Products and NBC Universal  to create or re-imagine brands, inspire consumers and bring new products to market.  To date, Melinda has managed the development of over 300 consumer packages, collaborated on a dozen new products and facilitated a variety of consumer promotions.  See some of those Shiny Pennies  in our portfolio.

But of course, all work and no play makes Melinda a dull girl – so she refuels her work passion with personal passions that include spending time with her husband, tackling home improvement projects in their Dutch colonial fixer-upper, hiking, biking and archery.  Oh and did I mention food – cooking it, eating it and finding what’s new and cool.  Check out her blog at Penny For My Thoughts to see what’s shiny and new in her world today.

P.S.  Loves almost all food – but will always work for chocolate.